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The city of Trento has a new illumination thanks to the precious support of numerous partners and companies in town. The common thread is originality, innovation and attractiveness.


Discover the innovations of the 2018 lighting project - Trento città del Natale


Piazza Duomo, November 24, 2018 at 19.00 will make everyone participate in a magical moment: the inauguration of the illuminations. An instant capable of creating amazement, enthusiasm and sharing, a party in which everyone can participate. The project is realized thanks to the precious support of the numerous partners, who in the common interest of having an illuminated city contributed to the initiative.

The project is financed by the Municipality of Trento and the APT Trento, Monte Bondone, Valle dei Laghi and is also achieved thanks to the valuable support of numerous partners and economic realities, which in the common interest of having an even more magical and "cozy" city, contributed to the initiative by making it possible. We thank in particular the main partner Partesa Trentino, the premium partners Dolomiti Energia, Cavit - Altemasi, Inser, Itas Insurance and the partners Brao Caffè, Consorzio Trentino Autonoleggiatori, Cassa Rurale di Trento, Chistè Restaurant Pizzeria, Max Mara, Max & Co., Hotel Accademia , Electric Buildings Jacket, Prime Consulting and Abitare Oggi. A heartfelt thanks for the valuable support in the realization of the project goes to the 92 exhibitors of the Christmas Market of Trento, to the 24 realities between restaurants and hotels, to the 19 bars and cafes and to the 119 shops.



Main partner

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